Monday, January 03, 2011


Put in a good eight or nine hours today doing a proof pass on Paul's screenplay, Rock Jocks, before it goes to a producer tomorrow. It was editing, but involved some writing here and there, and it feels good to see how some of my little fixes make things more clear so the story can stand out unencumbered. I'm excited for prospects for this script, which I can't discuss yet, but will hopefully have something to say about in the future.

So that was time-well spent, although it put me behind on Zombie Parents. We have a fairly detailed outline now and I've been kicking out about five to ten pages a day. I'd like to get through my pass and hand it off to Paul before school starts back up.

Every project I have needs me to take a next step as well, from typing up interview notes on one, to wrangling a science advisor for another, to a flat out rewrite I see coming down the pike. And as always, I have neglected little ideas for stories and articles.

In one way it feels good to have projects lined up--I'm not floundering for a story. But at the same time, most of these stories already feel old to me. There is something amazing about the process of just coming up with material--through exercises or free-form thinking, but right now I feel like I don't need to do that for a long time, because I have this to-do list of things to write first.

When my final semester begins next week, I question how I will keep up the pace. Money is going to be super tight this semester, so I may have to work as many hours as I can, then classwork...I fear what will fall to the wayside are the very projects I just mentioned. Classwork has it's own rewards, but that choice will delay other projects, and I do keenly feel time passing.

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