Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-Writing for Amazon Post

Wherein I simply say--I am beginning my rewrite today. I have been putting it off. I have been mulling it over. I have been contemplating big changes.
I may or may not (mostly likely not) have all these changes done by the upcoming deadline of february 28, but whatever I have done will constitute the new draft. Exciting, right?
Today I am going to take scenes out, and put different scenes in.

It will be haphazard. But it will be started. I am going to spend at least two hours on this project today, starting at 12:30... ore perhaps slightly after that, since I am writing this post.

I have this new thing I'm doing, since I never know where my days go, can never remember what it is I did all day. It's a rudimentary log where I try to track work that I'm doing on various projects. Do you want to see it? Here:

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