Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt? A Context Post.

Due in great part to friends like Laura on the Left, (whose blog you see in the sidebar of this one) and others, my Facebook and Twitter accounts have kept events in Egypt present in my mind for the past few weeks. Perhaps because of this, my ears perk when they discuss it on NPR, and I click the links when my NY Times news alerts appear in my mailbox.

It's easy sometimes to forget how easy it is to completely miss events in any arena--including the world stage, if you aren't a watcher of the news, and it happens that no one in your circle of friends shines a spotlight on it.

Today, after 18 days of protests, demonstrations, and resistance to the authorities who tried to stop them, the people of Egypt have compelled President Mubarek to step down.

I was with a friend who scrolled through her Facebook posts and saw one from a friend that merely said "Egypt!"

My friend looked at, "Egypt?" she asked, confused.

Yes, Egypt.

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