Friday, March 04, 2011

Tech Withdrawal

March 4, 2011

I’m pre-writing this offline At the LAX airport. The guy next to me has a Blackberry like mine and it keeps making that little “da-dum” sound that says you have a text.

I’m so jealous.

Because my phone won’t work in Costa Rica, it seemed wiser to leave it at home for the trip, but now, for these few hours at the airport, I feel really un-armed. Plus, since I remembered that I now use my phone as a pocket watch, which means that walking to my gate, I had no idea how much time I had to spare. Here at the gate, I have my laptop out, but no internet access. I keep thinking of little question I need to google, tasks that I that require online access, and emails and calls I haven’t returned.

One of the online tasks waiting for me once I am again connected will be lengthy online job application. Wednesday night a friend from FSU wrote me about an admin assistant job at USC (NOT in the film department). If her boss liked me, they would be willing to wait for me until after graduation in May! It’s as an admin assistant at USC (NOT in the film department). We had an interview yesterday, where I felt a little over-agitated, since that’s the state I live in twenty-four hours before traveling, and probably also overly honest about my doubts, etc. because life transitions—like moving from student to someone with a full time job—are difficult for me. I like lots of time to plan and think and absorb, but somehow opportunities never seem to happen like that. It was either better that I thought though, or my friend really has sway with her boss, because despite any self-sabotage on my part, at the end of the interview he still seemed amenable to hiring me if I can jump through the administrative hoops ASAP.

They’re calling our flight. Off I go.

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