Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Very Tired Day

Not feeling too well. Tired, nauseous and like I can't fully breathe.

Super busy at work...trying to make everything fit into not enough time, and feeling anxious at the same time, because maybe these are the very hours I should be taking off, to avoid a full blown sickness--my last bronchial infection lasted a good month, and I get verry worried and anxious feeling.

On top of which, the notes are starting to trickle in on the projects I've had out...and while some of them are good, universally they all have suggestions that will be time consuming and require re-envisioning, which of course can also feel like people not like the vision that I originally had and have invested so much time and energy into.

But at the end of the very long day, I stayed up too late to watch Project Runway. Because I am feeling so worn down and despondent, I was very aware of how the contestants take criticism--and that is, very well. I really admire how they aren't dishonest about how they feel, but stay composed. I wonder if the producers coach them to be like that, since we are now down to the final four's better for the show if we are invested n each of them, and how someone deals with criticism factors in a lot to how they are perceived and if we like them.

And, on top of their grace under the gun--they often pull really cool and innovative work out of the remnants of critique--they adapt.

I strive to be more like that.

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  1. OOf. I relate to this post. Maybe I just want Tim Gunn to be the one to give the tough love, because with him you're confident that he is invested in the integrity of the work, whereas with other people we're not sure where their comments come from -- some part desire to help, some part unconscious desire to push their own agenda, their aesthetic, their ego, their issue with us...etc. It's hard. I hope it gets easier, and remember -- you wouldn't get those comments if you weren't worth responding to.