Sunday, December 25, 2011


Seasons Greetings to our Family and Friends,

It’s been such an eventful year for so many of us. My inbox and Facebook account are bursting with news of babies, weddings, kids growing up, as well as updates from friends who inspire by facing (and overcoming!) illnesses and changes in fortune.

I’m thankful to see old friends in all my different hometowns—Terre Haute, Chicago, Alice Springs and Tallahassee. And I’m thankful for my friends whose political activism takes them places I have never been as they put themselves in the middle of world events and share their experiences.

Here in L.A. friends have come to town and left town. We’ve continued to enjoy having family in the area. My sister and her husband graciously host a family dinner on Sunday evenings when we can catch up with them, my brother Greg, our niece and nephew Aidan and Solea, now six and eight.

We are also fortunate to belong to a community, local and extended, of people who, like us, are pursuing their artistic aspirations. It is often a time consuming, sleep-deprived, money-deprived, certainty-deprived endeavor, but the journey is made so much better by friends who are also walking the path.

Some years are big moves, and transitions, traveling or regaining good health. In those respects, 2011 has been a happily quiet year. With the exceptions of a few colds, we are both healthy, and although there was a moment when we thought we might have to change apartments—you can still find us on Hi Point St.

Thus when I started a timeline recap for Paul and myself, I realized much of this year was about career.

JAN- MARCH Paul left his job (and salary) as an assistant at Davis Entertainment, to take his first Writer-Director gig! In March they completed principal photography on his first full-length feature ROCK JOCKS! You can see the poster at

Also in March, B traveled to Costa Rica to do her first screenwriting presentation for International Women’s Day. While the event itself was a bit disorganizado she enjoyed meeting artists, dancers and choreographers from all over the world.

In APRIL Paul and B celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. That was a short decade! We took a minute to go out to dinner and appreciate the fact that we still love each other, like each other, and have a lot of fun together, even when life’s not fun!

But there wasn’t much time to dwell, as in addition to her final projects at school, B started a new “day job” as an Administrative Assistant for the Philosophy Department at University of Southern California, and Paul began rough cuts on Rock Jocks.

In MAY, B completed her last class in the Cinema School at U.S.C to graduate with an M.F.A in screenwriting. Meanwhile, Paul set up shop in in his office/our living room to work with his editor on Rock Jocks.

SUMMER went by in a flash as B settled into her day job and spent her lunch hours and evenings writing. At night she’d take the bus home and find Paul and the Editor, and sometimes the producers all huddled around the computer monitor-- ROCK JOCKS! As September began, it was announced that one of B’s scripts, Children of Others, which won Best Script and a cash prize from Amazon Studios in August,

FALL also sped by—with lots of busy-ness (a little too much) at B’s job, and a few challenges and obstacles to overcome on Paul’s film. And did I mention a couple of bad colds?

But now DECEMBER has come! My mom is in town, there are days off of work, the happy announcement that Children of Others has a producer attached. Paul is working to put the final touches on his film—music, sound effects and visual effects.

If there is any singular frustration in life right now, it is that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to spend with friends far and near! Please know you are loved and appreciated, and thought of often here in the Seetachitt household!

HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! From Paul and Barrington

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