Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jobs for Philosophers

Yesterday at the office we got a call from the mother of a recently admitted student.  He wants to major in Philosophy, but isn't ready to commit to law school yet, having just graduated from high school.

The mother wondered if philosophy majors got jobs after graduating, and wondered what kind of jobs they got.  She wondered if the cost of our high-priced, private institution  was worth it, as her son also had been accepted to UCLA and UC Berkeley (neither cheap, except in comparison to the school where I work.)

She had heard that the connections one gained if one were a graduate of our institution were invaluable.  She'd heard our institution was worth its cost because of its awesome and magical network that could guarantee employment.  Were these things true?  Did anyone know the answers?  Could I perhaps give her the number of that person?


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    as someone who went to a state school but has acquaintances that went to more prestigious schools, fancy schools with Networks and Names, i have to say that, from the outside, it seems that, yes, it is worth it to go to a fancy school. at the risk of sounding bitter, i see these acquaintances getting jobs and breaks that are not exactly commensurate with their experience due to their networks, acquired at said fancy school. makes me wish i'd gone to one myself!

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I wonder since when any schools guarantee employment. If that poor lady would have to get into a mountain of debt (or her son), going to Berkeley or UCLA surely seems better. Especially if the son wants to go to law school anyway. I don't see how a local network would help for that. They can save their money and throw it at law school later.