Friday, August 17, 2012

If You Are Lost in the Wilderness

The man across the aisle on the train is wearing dress slacks and shoes, a button down shirt with a tie.  He is reading something about "Team Building" exercises, but they seem to be about being lost in the wilderness:

"If you are lost in the wilderness with a finite amount of water, is it better to;"

A: Ration your water
B: Drink a much as you think you need when you are thirsty
C: Wait until nightfall, then drink as much as you think you need
D: Some other answer

(This is a paraphrase.)

Looking at the man with the questionnaire makes me curious about where he is going.  What kind of team is he on?  Will they ever actually go to the wilderness?

Looking at the questionnaire itself makes me think that I have absolutely no idea how to survive in the wilderness.

1 comment:

  1. E: Find a water source. In general, head downhill to find water.

    Read The Hunger Games!