Saturday, September 15, 2012


In celebration of the fact that I turned in a full draft of my script this week (!!) and that Paul doesn't have to work on his movie.  And because it's been a pretty heavy event-laden couple weeks, and because it will be in the triple digits inside our house by afternoon, there is loud construction happening next door, and one of bathrooms is out of commission while the landlord has the shower re-tiled...

Paul and I are going on a mini-break! 

Unlike Bridget Jones' mini-break, we will not be driving far--our car is a little too dodge for that.  We're going to a hotel downtown, where we will loll about on the King-sized bed in the air-conditioning.  I think we are going to take the train.  We're staying at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

It is very old school--someone told me they sometimes shoot Mad Men there.  There is an actual Athletic Club as well, and we can use the facilities, so I am planning to take a flow yoga class on Sunday--right after I eat my full breakfast,  included!

We are also planning to walk to the nearby Staples Center and see movies. Of the movies playing there, I want to see Bourne Legacy and Paul wants to see Finding Nemo 3-D...

Perhaps you can tell, I am excited!

Before we go, I'm going to try to clean the room and house a little, so it is not too depressing to come home to on Sunday!

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