Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Six weeks from the surgery, flown by.  In some ways like it never happened (though of course in many ways like it did.)  Into my third week (or is it fourth?) back at work.  And it's also the third week of my second course for the semester--a five week intensive on the topic of fairy tales, combining readings of tales, critical readings, and writing workshop. 

To this end I am trying to write a revised fairy tale by Thursday, as well as a free-write for an exercise in class, a response essay to the readings (which I need to read) and notes on classmates stories.  All as we enter the home-stretch on my Tuesday night class--more reading, watching, written responses and generating material.

Truth be told--I'm having a lot of fun, exercising my mind and body, being alive and stuff.

Blog is falling to the wayside, but I am determined to pick it back up soon.

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