Thursday, August 08, 2013


I saw it last night. It was "okay," but just "okay" in this case, because I had high hopes means I was disappointed. I jotted down some notes--pretty extensive ones--about the experience, which I'll probably post, once we've passed the initial release this weekend, and once I've pared them down to something approaching blog-post size.

In other news...there isn't a lot of news. I'm depressed in a kind of underlying way, which I've found is generally my response to anxiety, and there are a bouquet of items for my anxiety to touch down on just at the moment: Money is a big one--a lot of sudden, unforeseen and uncontrollable expenses with no sudden, unforeseen income. I'm writing a screenplay draft, which, I realize more and more, also foments anxiety.

Health though, is good! I'm on Day 4 of a Whole 30 with Paul, and aside from feeling a little faint and shaky, which apparently is an effect of my body not have quick sugars to access or something, it's going well.

Although feeling the way I do makes me antisocial, I've been trying to use my lack of verve in a more productive way than just sleeping and playing bejeweled. I'm making it a point to watch films, as I don't have as big a filmic vocabulary as some of my counterparts. Also, late at night, I've begun watching Lynda tutorials online. This week I'm learning about Information Architecture, which is pretty interesting to me. I'm realizing I have some skill sets that with just a little upgrading, could be re-labeled if I were to decide to jump ship on the whole day job + writing thing. Yeah--that's another unmentioned source of uncertainty --> anxiety --> depression. I'm not making any big decisions yet...but I'm ruminating.

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