Saturday, November 23, 2013

Too Much Fun

Watched David Sedaris--live! Attended a panel about resistance in the Middle East followed by a DJ. Read slush-pile stories for the Southern California Review. Saw live prose and poetry for my writing program at The Last Bookstore. Homework. Class.  A lecture on "platform building" (that's on social networks, not actual construction).  Homework. Class. Family dinner/game.  Facilitated a Doritos shoot. Watched two movies for research.  Short stories by Alice Munroe and Hemingway.
These are some of the things that have occupied my not-at-work time in the 10 days since returning from New York. In that time I cannot recall arriving home in the evening before 9pm.  I also cannot recall opening the screenplay I've sworn to finish before the end of the year. But it has all been fun.  As you can see from the list, not been dance-party and drinking kind of fun, but all mentally engaging and mostly social. So I'm definitely not complaining.

But it's not a sustainable lifestyle for me on any level, though it's one I phase through periodically--often toward the end of the year, leading to New Year's Resolutions where I pre-block certain days and evenings for solitary writing or downtime, which starts off strong but gradually erodes until I am whirl-winding toward the end of the year again.

This post, by the way, replaces another post I started, titled "A Really Boring Explanation of Why We Can't See Our Bedroom Floor."  It got ix-nayed because it really was boring, but the topic was related to this--how there are comings/ goings, projects/gatherings, but no transition time for doing more than shoving a load of laundry in the washer or keeping the dishes in the sink at bay.  Likewise, on psychological level, I've devoted little time to interior housekeeping, like meditation, journaling, or even writing this blog. While it's enjoyable for awhile to ride a wave of experiences without processing, historically I know these waves crash to shore.

But hopefully not this weekend, because I need to go to a workshop, go to yoga, host some board-games, do all my homework, and hang out with my mom.  So for a little while longer, let the fun continue.

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