Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Turtle Rejected, Spider Accepted.

Yesterday I received a nice rejection for the picture/audio combo version of Turtle Ted.  The journal wrote,  "Your piece was a source of constant debate for us, and there was something about it that we found very charming. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it fit within the overall aesthetic of the journal."

For non-writers, "nice rejection" is not me being facetious. There is actually a concept of "good" rejections and bad (or standard) rejections.  A standard rejection is a form letter. A nicer rejection, is anything with a personal touch that shows it was read, like "try us again!" or "hard decision."
A nice rejection should encourage you to keep sending something out, which I hope to do with Ted.  The project is made a bit more difficult  in this case though, because there are still only a few journals that do multi-media.  Even the online ones are mostly print-based.

Which reminded to check and see if my piece that had been accepedt for an audio magazine called The Drum earlier this year had been posted yet--and it was! It's a humorous essay called "Sunday Afternoon with Buddha and Spider," and you can listen to it here.

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