Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feng Shui deficiency

We're unpacking. All of our furniture has acquired dents and dings and other sorts of damage in the moving process. It's sad, I keep discovering more. Like the one bookshelf that didn't look like pressed board with wood-grain contact paper on in (even though it is kind of that) now has a big scratch on the front. Thick wire somehow has broken through the box spring, the dresser has sustained some water damage. Makes me sad...but I comfort myself by reminding myself that I didn't pay more than 50 bucks for any of it. But then I get sad because all of it replaced kind of nice real wood furniture that I owned when last I lived in LA but gave away because it was too expensive to ship...and it would have looked kind of nice in this apartment. But then I remind myself that not to get so attached to material items, and that none of it matters except for having a really cute laptop and fast internet.

But I have felt a yearning lately for the space around me to feel good--like a better energy, you know? Which brings me to my new interest in Feng Shui which I'm not going to get to I realize because it's time ot start unpacking the kitchen...but I'll be back.

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