Friday, July 20, 2007

Honorable Mention goes to

I don't think I ever mentioned the results of our applications to the Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium. We did not get in, but Paul and I both got wait-listed, which is not bad, as apparently there were only five people on the waiting list for grad students. However, it is apparently extremely rare for someone to give up their space, so no one is holding their breath around here.

Then the results of the Princess Grace Foundation Film Awards were sent this week. This is the grant application that tormented me for a good couple months. Paul was not an Award "Recipient," which means he did not receive the $24,000 dollars needed to produce the film concept he applied with, but he was named one of the Film Honoraria. He will recieve $2000 toward a film, we haven't yet heard details of what the expectations are for an end product.

So these are outcomes that evoke mixed emotions. I'm definitely happy and grateful to know we are at least "almost" there. It's very encouraging, and a salve to the ego. But while it's nice to be recognized for what you have done, the big prizes these days are the opportunities to do more, or more specifically, the opportunity to have something be easier. So I guess the end result is, that I think...yes, we should persevere, but oh man, it's still going to be all uphill and I'm tired already!

Oh, well. On to the next!

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