Sunday, July 15, 2007

And you are getting old when...

Ohhh...I don't feel so good. I feel little hung-over actually.
Why, you might ask. Did you party the night away and drink too much?
Ummm. No. I stayed up 'til 4 AM sitting in the stinky papasan chair reading Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex.

And I ate too much cake yesterday at a birthday day tea. The better I get with limiting sugars in my diet, the more falling off it impacts me. In fact, it might have been the sugar high that influenced me to stay up the extra two hours. My stomach is not thanking me today.

Another reason for my malaise. Today is my official start date on draft two for the screenplay. I want to do that same way you want to go back to the gym after a long hiatus. You know that once you're there, you'll feel better, and feel better about yourself, but from the pleasant distractions of other pursuits the task only looks arduous and painful.

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  1. I love Middlesex -- especially the grandparents.