Sunday, July 08, 2007

The House Sit Begins

The most comfortable chair in the house is this one
A papasan chair with a decent cushion, red and velvety soft.
One of the few not infused
with dandelion fluff fibers
Of cat’s fur.

There is a reason for this.
A story of how the cat once peed on this chair, on this very velvety cushion.
How they took it outside (the cushion not the cat)
and hosed it down
and cleaned it with a special product (it’s under the sink if I need it)
You can’t smell it, can you? they asked
And I agreed I couldn’t.
When the cushion was dry, they sprayed it with another special product
(it’s also under the sink)
That keeps the cat away,
which is why this chair alone
is fur free.
So I sit in it, but can’t help wondering,
what chemicals do I loll in
That so repel another species?

And although I spoke the truth in the moment I was asked
I am haunted now
by what could be a figment...
or could be
the faintest,
of cat piss.

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