Thursday, January 01, 2009

First post of the New Year

It is now 12:36, and we are home from our eve's adventures--first stop a splendiforous fondue spread hosted by our friend Kendall, who hosted an "East Coast New Years Eve"-popular with out friends who have children this year, as the ball drops at 9pm and the kids can be in bed by ten. Then we went to the valley and visited a newer friend, Ruth, at her and her husband's new house--which is large and impressive--as was the screen on which Rock Band was set up.

Altogether pleasant. We ducked out a little early both to beat the drink-impaired, and because I am still fighting a nasty cold, and even though I start the day with a voice, by evening it is pretty much shot. I have a 9AM trip to the acupuncturist tomorrow, so maybe she will give me bitter herbs to make me sound sweet again.

In other news...I got an amazing deal on bookshelves at Office Depot today...I had planned to abandon veneer-assembly-required furniture forever and just get nicer stuff but second hand from Craig's list, but I never saw the perfect item at the perfect price, and transporting real furniture in a Hyundai Elantra presents a real challenge...So when I saw these shelves marked down from $149 to $20, I bought the last five on the spot. Our friends Matt and Lotte from Australia are coming back through tomorrow, and I'm hoping they will think furniture assembly is a fun activity. I'm excited to transfer our book to a place where they don't avalanche every time I look for one.

Then--my cup runneth over. When we arrived home with the shelves, what should be on our stairwell, but a package from the Solutions company. Yes--my SLANKET had arrived!


  1. I can't WAIT to hear about how you like your Slanket! I might get one too.

  2. It IS good! I can't deny! But I also can't deny that if you turn it around, it resembles a large robe, so as you are crafty, you should also check out Kristen's comment on my last post about a quilt kimono.!