Sunday, April 12, 2009

The New Frugality?

Got a long overdue haircut yesterday at a place in Venice a woman in my Wednesday writing group (that I never go to because I have class) recommended. They have an advertised $20 first haircut. I figured the standard cut was probably $35 or $40, but caught a look at the price list as my stylist was snipping, and saw it was $75. Apparently you can go in for a shampoo and blow-dry (no cut) for $40.

It's strange how people have different benchmarks for this things...some cut their hair at home, some go to SuperCuts and get the $9.95 special, and some pay a couple hundreds bucks in Beverly Hills and consider it a necessity, not a luxury.

I'm a bit of a SuperCuts snob, for no good reason except that I went one or twice in my distant past and felt like they didn't have the time or the savvy to go in to my hair and do a lot of the texturing and de-bulking that other places do...but my experience was not in L.A. and not for many years, so I am mainly operating on a kidn of prejudice there--that a fast haircut is like fast food.

I haven't been to a manicure place in years, and figure I can paint my nails at home--others would never consider that. Really nice nails are part of who they are, and they get them done.

My $20/worth $75 hair cut is fine, for what is essentially a "holding pattern" cut...i.e. something to make it look okay while I try to actually make a decision about what to do next, but for my next go round, I think I'll be returning to K-Town, where I get a very precise cut for $25

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  1. I got my first haircut in a year about a month ago, it felt really good. But I have to admit, I think I only paid 35 or 40 dollars for it... which for was a lot! But it I think, every 6-12 months, its probably okay.