Saturday, April 11, 2009

Status Updates

If I wanted to change my Facebook status much more often than I do, here are some I could but may or may not ever use:

The "check engine" light has transitioned from intermittent to permanent.

I would like our house better if we had floor lamps. Pools of light are better than an onslaught.

Thinking about working this summer but unsure. Should I intern. Should I forget everything and just write? Opinions or ideas for part-time jobs?

Paul observed that it's better to be an early adopter of technologies because the small group who do it first have a bonding experience that can't be re-created later. BTW, we both added the Twitter app this week.

I just found out that one of my friends who is vehemently and vocally anti-Facebook has a Twitter account. Ahh, the arbitrary lines we draw.

Time for bed.


  1. I agree with Paul's observation. Also, what's you're Twitter username? I'm deedeebee.

  2. i want to be your twitter friend, too. i'm msloaf.

    oh, and my blog moved to, btw.