Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Intentions Post #3

And, I think, my first of three words: Preparation

The specific intention I have been thinking of is getting all our ducks in a row-presentation wise. Paul does not have a website yet--and much as I try to let him run his own life and career, this makes me almost insane. So many job postings and just people that you meet ask "is there a link to your reel somewhere?" I know that if I were ever going to take a chance on someone new, I would, at worst, be very tempted to discount someone who couldn't even manage to post some short films on a blog with his name on it, and at best, could be very compelled by a clear presentation of where a person was coming from, artistically and technically, and of course, some examples of his work.

That being said, the time is fast approaching for me to put my money where my mouth is. I need to have some kind of web introduction myself. Am undecided about whether or not it might link to this blog, but the thought is there, particularly as it would give me an impetus to find a new visual format. I feel like a website for a writer of long form media is a little more difficult, but I would at least like to have a list of my work with synopses, and then folks coudl request samples.

Which leads to part two of "Preparation, the intention," which is that, by spring ideally, or at least this year, I'd like to have more polished versions of everything I've ever worked on, essentially, so that when someone asks for it, I don't have to say "I just need to....can I send it then?" And truthfully, I don't even keep a good list of people I promised to send things to "after the next draft." It's awful.

"Preparation, the word as a life direction," is even bigger. It has to do with things like the above--not having any defined location to keep contacts who have asked to see my work, to daily things, like not having clean clothes that fit to wear in the morning, or food to pack for lunch, not knowing where my water bottle is to get me through a 12-hour day at school, and not having read either of the scripts I have to give notes on in two days....oh, can you tell that this is today?

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  1. For websites I would probably recommend a self hosted wordpress site with a portfolio theme

    I have been running wordpress on my blog for 12 months, learning curve abut the same as learning to edit a video :)