Friday, February 19, 2010

400th Post

I just realized that as I logged in. I have 399 posts under my belt, making this one number 400. Which is a little momentous, and also sad, because I don't have a momentous post planned--just the same off-the-cuff post as always.

Self deprecating even, because I have two quick things on my mind.

1) Is that my blog SUCKS compared to some of these new-fangled blogs that the young-uns are making these days. Take my roomate, S. Do you see the multiple headings? Different categories for pictures, for lists of cool things she likes, for off-topic musings--get this, her blog is THEMED, and then she has a section for just...whatever's on her mind.
My blog has no theme, it's only the whatever.
I don't have any headings, and in four years I've never created an archive category or filled in the "about me" section.

Plus, there is the quality of the writing. She has voice , seriously, how she writes is how she talks, which is intelligent and funny. Not that I don't write how I talk, I just don't talk that voice-y, and I have steadily gotten less funny and intelligent. I like to think this is, to some extent, a matter of polish. My blog posts are less rehearsed now that in days of yore, so that could account for lack of quality--but by the same token, she writes her posts in front of the television. She can write and watch American Idol at the same time. I've seen her do it. I can't do anything else while watching American Idol. People are singing and crying, and Kara's flirting up a storm and there's Ellen. So, no, I can't write a coherent sentence while watching American Idol. So I end up writing in bed at 2:20 AM. Which brings me to

2) One of the my New Year's Resolutions, the "Go to bed at a reasonable hour" one, must officially be declared a FAIL. I think I defined reasonable as 11pm or midnight. I've maybe hit the midnight goal twice, or once, or never, since the beginning of the new year.

However, I had another resolution--I don't know if I ever even posted it--my new years resolutions series is not yet complete-- but it was a real resolution that I thought of prior to the new year--to walk the downstairs neighbor's dog, because they never do. And I HAVE indeed done this twice, I just haven't mentioned it because I wanted to be all cool and post a picture of the dog when I talked about it, but I keep not getting around to taking the picture. S would have taken the picture by now. And posted it. While watching television.


  1. FWIW, (1) I think your blog has a perfectly distinct voice, and (2) I have never been able to write while watching TV. I'm a unitasker.

    Also, the link to your roommate's blog doesn't seem to be working.

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    while i agree with laura's statement that you indeed have a voice, i will say this as someone who went to the same vaunted writing program as yours... ;)

    i do feel that i lost a lot of voice in that program. we were discouraged from doing anything too adventurous, experimental, or anything with too much personality, i think, for the sake of turning out technically sound stories.

    i, personally, am trying to unlearn a lot of what we learned...

  3. I am simultaneously flattered and appalled by this post. Flattered, because, well, you flatter me. Appalled because I was JUST thinking of how I wish I had your droll sense of humor, witty insight, and your ability to end your posts with a zinging one-liner. Never been one for the one-liners, but you've got that knack in spades.

    It's appalling to think that you think so much of my puerile writing, and less of your ability to seriously craft a beginning, middle, and end. Anonymous is right, you can tell a story. I can write like I talk. Woopty doo.

    Congratulations on making it to 400 posts!!

    Yeah, my blog has links to other blogs, but my lack of follow-through pales in comparison to yours.

    Keep it up! You're hilarious!