Saturday, February 27, 2010


Now I have the Kindle. And I've barely had any time to revel in it. And I
m still feeling some guilt. And the DVD player broke yesterday. And even though we finally worked out things with our landlord, the next week our tenant called, pointed out the lower market value on the sublet and we ended up lowering her rent. So I have untll March 3rd to return it for a refund and I'm wondering if I should. Should I?

Or should I keep it. I really haven't done much with the money my dad left when he died--aside from spend it all on rent and school. And I did have this idea that maybe I should get one thing.

And a Kindle is like a magic book thing--(who was the guy who said that technology, advanced enough, is virtually indistinguishable from magic?) if it was a magic book, that could be any book, I would have no problem keeping my Kindle. Because magic doesn't get upgraded every six months. But in this day and age, I can end up regretting spending my resources on the magic book, because there's other magic just around the corner. Magic in color, with a bigger screen, or better pdf formatting.

There was this guy at the TED conference who talked about how more choices actually make us less happy. Because it makes constantly question our satisfaction with what we have.

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  1. I believe it was Arthur C Clarke.

    And yes I have been wary of the kindle for similar reasons( and the fact that I can't afford it). I bought a samsung Media player 18 months ago, amazingly versatile little gadget that does just what I need it to do.

    Find out what you really need your device to do and then go for that one.