Friday, January 27, 2012

Amazon: Final Five

Just a little update: I'm in the final five for the Annual Best Script award at Amazon Studios. The announcement happened earlier this week. My "don't think about it" strategy was thwarted by a few things: said announcement, papers that arrived for me to sign, and the email from a freelance writer hired to do a profile piece on each of the finalists. The email included a list of questions for me to answer like, "how old are you?" "what's your day job?" and ""what was the most difficult thing about writing your script." The profiles will be published on the Amazon blog starting on Monday. As much as I wasn't a fan of filling out my own questionnaire, I have to say I'm really interested to read about the other writers.

I also want to read everyone's script before the announcement on February 7. Yesterday and today I read the first one, I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead which was really a fun concept and read. It reminded me some of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, in ways that were mostly good. I liked the device of the Farmville farm, and the exploration of relationships as they move from the virtual world into the real world. It got a little episodic-feeling in some places--but then so did Scott Pilgrim, and probably so does my script--When I read scripts and see a flaw, I mentally go back over my own work and often see the very same problems.

Gideon's Law is next. Let you know.

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  1. Julia9:55 AM

    This is awesome! When do you find out who the winner is?